Don’t Ride the Pony

Finding the right pair of jeans is hard for just about everyone. Here are two common mistakes that women make with their jeans.

Riding the Pony: (I cannot take any credit for this funny phrase unfortunately. A very smart and stylish woman I used to work with at a clothing store shared it with me. Her mother used to use it.)

Riding the Pony Illustration

Riding the Pony Illustration

If someone comes up to you and says, “It looks like you’re riding the pony”, that means that the seam in the back of the jeans is riding up your posterior and it looks bad. Tight jeans can be good, very good, but they should never completely outline your butt. It also appears as if your cheeks are being spread apart. This is not flattering. Sometimes this means that the inseam is too short for you. Find a different pair.

This is still popular with a lot of women so you should have lots of opportunities to witness this misguided look. Tell your friends.

Girl Package:

If there is something extra going on up front, you should look for a different pair. Bulges are not attractive or correct on women. Sometimes the jeans are too big for you and sometimes you are actually trying on men’s pants. Looks bad. I have been guilty of buying jeans even when I knew there was too much denim. I was desperate and I was sorry later.

Girl Package Illustration

Girl Package Illustration

Always shop with a tactful, gentle, yet honest friend. Finding the right jeans can take a while but when you do it is totally worth it.


2 comments on “Don’t Ride the Pony

  1. Lorelei says:

    Would you also discuss jean length and where the butt pockets should be placed. Thanks!

  2. Elise says:

    So, what is up with these new jeans? I was at the 331 Club the other night, and was the only girl there with my jeans outside of my boots. Having been born prior to the 80’s, I remember the tapered jean phase. I’m not sure I’m ready to jump on the band-wagon. Any recommendations? Should one even bother, or stick with tried-and-true boot cuts and wait for the trend to pass?

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