Visible Panty Lines

One of the Ladies wrote:

“Will you discuss panty lines? My significant other (name changed to protect identity) still thinks they are ok, especially in the workplace… if he dosen’t see them then he thinks the girl is wearing nothing or something really cool. Silly boy. Please set him straight.”

I am 100% against the visible panty line (VPL) unless you are camping or going to the gym. If you are pregnant or recovering from an injury or something you are exempt (having never been pregnant,  I can’t presume to tell you what to wear).

Panty Line illustration

Panty line during your PowerPoint presentation

Sorry significant others, the VPL is not OK at the workplace.  Ladies and tramps, the VPL draws extra attention to your butt and rarely in a good way.  You want to be taken seriously at work and you don’t do that by creating points of interest across your behind. The elastic lines and lace from underwear tend to create ‘ridges’ and visually section off your rear. The most common shape is the triangle of course but sometimes we can see stranger shapes created when one side of your unmentionables travels to places even less mentionable making you look lopsided. Viewers may also begin to wonder where the other side of your underwear went. Do you really want people trying to figure that out during your presentation on the effectiveness of kittens in online advertising?

Underwear can also cut into your lovely skin giving you extra contours that you just don’t want.  Multiple butts are the same as multiple chins. Not a good look. I don’t care if it is a pair of wool pants, heavy corduroys, or a black skirt*, if you move, and we all do, your panty lines will show. Believe me when I tell you that you are not getting away with it.

I am generally a supporter of thongs but they are not for everybody (or so I am told). I was going to go into detail about how to avoid panty lines and the many different styles of underwear but I found a fabulous clip on youtube that says it all for me. Check this out: How to Avoid Visible Panty Lines

When all else fails, you could try the C-string but I hope I never find myself in one of these-they look dangerous. I stumbled on this and I have to share it. By the way, don’t spend too much time on this C-String site… might be a little NSFW. The C-String.

*Exception: Full, fluffy, 1950’s style skirts were meant for huge underwear with two inch thick seams. If you plan to wear one of these go a head and wear the biggest pair of underwear you can find.


4 comments on “Visible Panty Lines

  1. Miss Lady Tramp:

    I love you. You make me laugh out loud.

    Keep it up; I feel more stylish every time I read your stuff.

  2. cheflorelei says:

    The picture is very informative. And I agree that the C-string looks dangerous, and like a bad idea.

  3. fetishlady says:

    Hahaha! Great blog. SUBSCRIBED!

  4. Corsets says:

    I like your thoughts about VPL.

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