Black Lace

Wear it.

Please remember that not all fancy underwear is for the benefit of the onlooker. Beautiful and/or sexy underwear can be just for you. I learned this for myself years ago when I used to cure boredom by dressing myself up in some black lace tap pants. Sometimes I would go all-out and wear vintage rhinestone jewelry and black heels while I wandered around my apartment singing loudly to Oscar Brown Jr.’s Sin and Soul. I promise you that this is not as strange as it sounds. It was very tasteful. I like to think I looked a little bit like the women from the Broadway musical Chicago. In fact, you could have just put me in the back row of dancers and I would have blended right in….except my dancing would probably not be as…. “polished”.

This exercise did two things for me: 1. It cured boredom for a few hours and 2. I realized that I looked pretty good in black lace and it was too bad that society wouldn’t let me walk around like this in public…well maybe in Nevada…. but that wasn’t the point. The point was that I felt really good about my appearance and I wasn’t hiding much of myself. This was an empowering feeling and I found that it stayed with me when I left my apartment to go to work or out to a bar with friends. (Remembering that I looked good made turning down the losers that much easier!)

Three Examples of Tap Pants

Three Examples of Tap Pants

So in conclusion; I encourage you to wear black lacy things and have fun with it. It is your right to wear pretty things and wander around the house. Start small. Wear your tap pants with a t-shirt and advance if you feel like it (see image). If you have roommates, significant others, or children that you live with, you may want to be sure you are alone in the house when belting out show-tunes in your get-up of choice.


2 comments on “Black Lace

  1. cheflorelei says:

    Again your post made me laugh outloud! I love the drawings.

  2. […] uncool Buick LeSabre. By the way, this was the same time in my life that I discovered the joys of black lace. I also got myself  a cowboy hat-the cowboy hat I had wanted since I was 13 years old-and started […]

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