Weight Loss Wear

A lady that I quite respect asked me recently what she should wear so that she avoids looking like a “hobo” as she loses her residual baby weight from baby #2. I may never have been pregnant but I do have experience with crying over clothes that no longer fit me.

Whatever you do, do not buy expensive clothing when you are in the process of losing weight. Now isn’t the time to invest in that great pair of jeans or that perfect suit. At the same time, do not buy cheap clothing! You won’t get away with it. Leave the Forever 21’s to those who are under 21. Also, I love Target, you probably love Target, we all love Target, but be careful when you are considering buying a piece of clothing from that store, especially if it is made of a synthetic blend. A lot of those cute Target clothes look good at first but as soon as you wash them they start to pill, hang funny, or just look cheap.  If you buy something from Target there is also a very good chance that you will see it on countless other women as you walk around town. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand that!

OK, so now you know what NOT to do but how should you solve this problem so that as you drop the pounds you don’t walk around disappointed every time you look in the mirror?

  • Buy Used Clothing When you buy used clothing you have the opportunity to pay less for quality materials and quality construction. Since you paid so little, you don’t have to feel bad when you toss it, give it to a newly pregnant friend, or donate it to another organization. (Please see “Used Clothing Buyers Guide” page)
  • Buy  dresses Everyone loses weight differently but for a lot of us the first things to go are our boobs and our butts. When this happens, your clothes start to hang off you in a bad way.  Your tops start to look like they are missing something and the seat of your pants start to look concave rather than convex. This is a sign of successful weight loss but it can also be a little depressing when you don’t have anything to wear.  I have found that a lot of dresses can remain flattering as my weight fluxuates up and down. Consider buying a dress that has a wrap belt of some kind so that you can tie it a little tighter as you get smaller. I try to avoid clingy materials. I prefer that people have to guess where my belly button is rather than have it stand out as an obvious landmark on my stomach due to the contour-hugging fabric.
  • Buy skirts As you lose weight around your waist your skirt will start to move down to your hips and as long as the skirt wasn’t molded to your butt originally, this skirt should still look like it fits you for a while. A-line skirts do this well and are pretty classic. Pencil skirts look so good on curvy women but most pencil skirts won’t be there for you when you lose the weight. Buy one of those beauties when your weight has leveled out.
  • Wear great accessories Good shoes, loud shoes, beautiful, stand-out shoes will go a long way in making you feel better about your transitional clothing. Spend money on shoes. You can wear them as you lose weight and well after you reach that goal weight. Acquire a couple great simple dresses and you can really showcase your jewelry and/or the macaroni and glitter necklaces baby #1 made for you for mother’s day.
  • Have fun and expect compliments
    Mom is lookin' good!

    Mom is lookin' good!


4 comments on “Weight Loss Wear

  1. “Have fun and expect compliments.”

    Quotes like that are why I love this blog. Keep up the good work — I enjoy every post.

  2. Becky Nowlin says:

    Ha! “I prefer that people have to guess where my belly button is…” very funny!

  3. Bergie says:

    Summer is here and unfortunately my “winter layer” has decided it wants to stay a while longer. Do you have any advice for the swimsuit season?

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