Never too old for pigtails!

You are not too old to wear pigtails. I used to worry about outgrowing pigtails and hitting some magical age when I would no longer be allowed to wear them. I was afraid that people would look at me in the same way that they would a 60 year old lady wearing a tight pink t-shirt with “Bratz” written on it. In a moment of self-doubt I asked my older sister if I could still get away with wearing them and she assured me that I could always wear pigtails. Yay! You need to learn to reassure yourself but every once and a while you need that trusted friend or older sister to tell you that you’re ok and that your hair is ok too.



Pigtail usage suggestions:

  • Keep your pigtails near or at ear-level. Do not put them directly at the sides of your head or you will end up looking like you are reliving your pre-school glory days.
  • Beware the power of your own cuteness! If you prefer to hide or go unnoticed then do not wear pigtails. If your hair is in pigtails you are more likely to attract attention. (This is not always a bad thing. You probably look really cute in pigtails.)
  • Start small. Wear pigtails while out for a run or while camping and gradually work them into your weekend wear.
  • Don’t wear pigtails to work unless you work as a clown for a children’s hospital.  You want to be taken seriously when at the office and pigtails, no matter how you tie them, are not serious.
  • Don’t over-do it. Wearing pigtails in tandem with a skin-tight, low-cut tank top, mini-skirt and high heels will make you appear……let’s just use the term “easy”. No one wants that. Well, some want that but you shouldn’t want that.

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