7 Black Dresses 365 Different Ways

I don’t know if it is the best idea ever and it may not be for everyone but I love it! Sheena Matheiken in NYC  has started something called The Uniform Project. She has 7 identical black dresses that she will wear everyday for 365 days in order to raise money for The Akanksha Foundation. She uses vintage, etsy.com and donated items to creatively update her little black dress daily. She is also lucky enough to have some designer friends that help her out along the way. She posts each outfit on her blog. EEEEEE! New person to check in on everyday!

Here is her blog: The Uniform Project and here is a short article about Sheena from Metro Magazine.

Reinventing an outfit with accessories is a very old idea but wow! She is really good at it. There are a couple of looks that are not as good as others but who among us hasn’t worn a mistake in an effort to be creative or different?  We could learn a few things from her – it probably doesn’t hurt that she is super cute and had the dress designed just her project – but who cares right? Really good idea.


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