Cleavage at work?

I don’t have an answer to this question but I have been wondering about it for some time (especially now that summer is in full swing and we are wearing fewer turtleneck sweaters to work). I currently work with a lot of women of various ages and cleavage comfort levels. How much is too much? If you have a moment, an opinion or both please take a second and answer below:

P.S. I have never used polldaddy before so we’ll see if I did this correctly.
P.P.S. If you have a some advice or a funny story about this same topic please share. We can keep real names out of it or it could be about a “friend” of yours.


5 comments on “Cleavage at work?

  1. Okay, I have an additional layer to add to this question. I think people have different standards of how much cleavage is okay to show based on how big the bazooms are. With a smaller chest, I think people give more leeway to lower-cut shirts than they do with bigger chested ladies.

    What is this about? Is it just that bigger boobs are more “in your face” (no pun intended) so they need to be more covered to be more decent?

    Food for thought, ladies. I swear it’s true!

    • jaydbird says:

      I agree Meghan. I had a friend in high school (maybe I shouldn’t reference high school friends but she was, and probably is, still very smart) who believed that small chests were classy and larger ones….less so. If chest size can equal class-I am screwed no matter what I wear.

      Maybe as a general rule of thumb-no matter one’s size- could be this: if people are having a hard time looking at your face when you talk with them, wear a different shirt-a higher cut shirt.

  2. cheflorelei says:

    I saw a fairly flat chested girl the other day wearing a tank top like, long, flowy, almost see-through dress. The top was covering her when she stood up right, but as soon as she bent over even a little nearly the entire boob was showing. I was nervous for her, and curious to see if the whole thing was going to fall out. This flat chested woman was obviously not-classy enough to find something more appropriate to wear. So I disagree with your highschool friend.

  3. Gwen says:

    I was recently at a high-end jewelry store and the woman who was helping me had on a very low cut dress. I looked around at the other female sales staff and noticed that they all were showing lots of cleavage! Probably more men come into shop for their women friends/wives and more cleavage=more sales. No cleavage=no job?

  4. […] is what I mean. You can’t show cleavage at work (see Cleavage at Work?). This is only mildly challenging for working women (harder for the busty-er gals) but again, a […]

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