The Little Black Dress

Never gets old.

Why is this item so important? Because if you have at least one Picture 3perfect, flattering black dress it can, and will, solve almost any problem. If you don’t own at least one perfect black dress go out and find one. I say find as many perfect black dresses as possible.

“But I don’t want to look like everyone else! Everyone wears black.”    -You

Yes, but will anyone wear it just like you? Black, and in particular, a little black dress can act as a canvas against which you can showcase your very best, most interesting, and most unusual pieces.

Remember that super-awesome cardigan you found? The one with the sequined ponies fighting the tigers? How are you supposed to pull that off? With your black dress. Boom. Problem solved.

If you know that you look good in that black dress (if you’ve checked yourself carefully from all sides) you can confidently wear that big, 1960’s-inspired orange necklace you found with the gold shoes you bought two years ago and you won’t look like anyone else in the room.

Example: My little black dress is very flattering, somehow makes me look taller, isn’t too low-cut, I can wear a regular bra with it AND it looks super cool with any of the following:

  • my unusual, brass, super-tiny vintage belt
  • my black cotton motorcycle jacket from the 80’s (sans shoulder pads)
  • my new hot pink 1980’s crop top
  • my very conservative, black Tahari bolo jacket (if I wear that combo, I am all set for the funeral of a very important political figure. If I ever need to go to one of those, at least I know I’ll have something to wear. Oh, and I will look really expensive).

Picture 4And I just threw those things together in less than 10 minutes as I prepared for a wedding set for later on this week*.

I know the little black dress idea has been talked about forever but it deserves to be discussed. The concept of the black dress that is most important. Make it easy and show off the best of your body and the best of your wardrobe.

Don’t buy a cheap black dress either. You’ll be sorry.

*I have selected a brass belt, shawl/scarf thing combo by the way. Wearing this, I’m going to feel comfortable, confident, and sophisticated. Oh, and I have already decided that the only person who’s going to look better than me on Saturday is the bride. If I’m wrong, don’t tell me. I like to at least believe that I am the best looking person in the room even if I’m not.


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