Best Work Outfit of Fall 2009

“I’d just like to thank Banana Republic for creating this 1950’s throw-back black silk sweater, my vintage belt, the inventor of fishnet stockings, Sofft shoes and of course, that sleeper brand, always there for you when you are not looking, Anne Taylor. Without these brands and clothing items I would not be wearing what I am today. Oh! And I want to thank Everyday People Clothing Exchange in Uptown for their continued good work! Thank you! And to all the women out there trying to find clothes for work I have one thing to tell you- Don’t stop believing! Thank you!”

That is my acceptance speech for the “Best new work outfit of Fall 2009” that I awarded to myself today. I think I will also award myself “Best use of used clothing for Fall 2009” as well.

Seriously, my outfit is good today. What happened? A perfect storm of good items in my closet converged to create something fabulous!

-Have my favorite black silk sweater that is probably from 2000 or something

-New Anne Taylor red checked skirt (I wasn’t excited about it when I bought it, felt too ordinary, but boy am I happy today!)

-Interesting and occasionally difficult teal belt from the 70’s (I think)

-Good ‘ol fishnets to let people know that I know what I am doing

-Lovely black heels that are also comfortable

These all came together today. Could be a ho-hum outfit but the fishnets and belt turn it into something very different.

I am so pleased with how fast I put it together that I awarded myself a couple awards. Unfortunately my hair has some catching up to do in the awards department. We all have strengths and weaknesses.

Hmmm….I should go to a trophy store and commission a couple trophies for myself. That would be so awesome! I wish I had a mantle! Imagine people coming over to your house and asking you about your awards then telling them that they are for outfit construction and execution!

9 Hours later………

Ok. I received enough requests to see the award winning outfit that I have posted it here. There are only men in my office and I would never hear the end of it if I asked them to take a picture of my outfit so I can post it on my blog. I waited until I got home. I took the photo with my phone and yes, that blurry gray thing in the background is my cat. Best Work Outfit of Fall 2009You may not think it is spectacular but before you judge remember, I am not going out, I am not attending the Oscars, I am going to work. Also: I get to decide if my outfit deserves an award.

Send me your award winning outfits. I’d like to see them.


3 comments on “Best Work Outfit of Fall 2009

  1. cheflorelei says:

    Would you please have someone take a picture so we can all see this perfect storm of an outfit

  2. Gwen says:

    Sexy Sadie!!!! And I agree with cheflorelei, want to see your wholeness.

  3. That outfit ROCKS! Good going.

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