New year, new house, new closet: The Northwoods Ladies Lounge

Hello again,

I haven’t written a blog in months and I am sorry about that. Please accept the following excuses:

1. I have a new job that takes up a lot of my time

2. I am in grad school and that takes up a lot of my time

3. OMG! I am buying a house with my boyfriend and we are closing in a month

Those who know me know that I already have a “Clothing Room” . This is a dedicated room just for me and my clothes to hang out. I am pretty lucky to have one but since I live in MN and the “room” is actually a 3 season porch, the reality is less than ideal.

Primary Storage

Freezing in the winter and incredibly hot in the summer. It is rarely comfortable in there and because of that, the room is really just a large closet I sprint into in the morning and evening to grab clothes and get out.

Since I have had to do some serious cleaning in preparation for moving I thought I would post photos of the clothing room (normally, due to uncomfortable temperatures, the room is a disaster)

Underwear Containment System (Hatboxes)

Soon I will be saying goodbye to my Clothing Room and hello to the “Northwoods Ladies Lounge” because, OMG! My boyfriend and I bought a house! Buying a house is exciting for many reasons but I plan to have an even more exciting clothing room. Because my boyfriend is an exceptional man, he understands the importance of having a room dedicated only to me and my clothes. We have agreed that since my boyfriend gets to choose the best room for his studio, I get second pick of rooms for my new clothing room! A whole room with two large closets and one window. I have pre-named this room “The Northwoods Ladies Lounge” because there is a lot of wood paneling (pretty sure it is pine). I am so lucky!

Shoes (I prefer to see all of my options) and Jewelry Box

When we are moved and my clothes are happily situated in their new home, I will post pictures and if you live in MN perhaps you can have a tour and a glass of wine in the Northwoods Ladies Lounge because, shoot! I might have enough room for seating and a liquor cart!


2 comments on “New year, new house, new closet: The Northwoods Ladies Lounge

  1. You definitely need to have a cocktail party in the Northwoods Ladies Lounge!

  2. Lorelei says:

    I agree with Meghan! I can’t wait to sip a cocktail among your clothes and maybe slip a shirt or two into my purse!

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