I am a big fan of fishnet stockings. They make me happy for two main reasons:

1. They add an interesting texture to any outfit

2. When I wear them to work, they make me feel less….”lame” (I feel very ordinary and frumpy in regular nylons)

Fishnets allow me to retain some of my independence in an office environment. But there is a downside to fishnets that I have had to come to accept. Many people (read clients-they are the ones that matter in an office environment) may read fishnets as flashy or sexy only. They may not see fishnets as a way to assert individuality but ┬ásimply as inappropriate. (I received some….feedback on this subject a couple months ago. I was a bit devastated.) What is hard to swallow is that I doubt anyone would bat an eye if I showed up displaying cleavage (which I don’t do because I feel that is inappropriate at work).

I would love to be in the position to say “Screw you! I’ll wear whatever I want!” but I am not. Clients pay my salary, allow me to work on interesting and meaningful projects so I have had to make sacrifices in leg wear.

Now, fishnets have become my “casual Friday” attire. I don’t wear jeans to work or khakis when I don’t have client meetings, I wear fishnets. Client meetings? Opaque tights or…..nylons. It’s sad but I have to be a grown-up about it.

Life lesson. You can’t always get what you want but you can wear fishnets on casual Fridays (for now).


One comment on “Fishnets

  1. […] am also my own biggest problem. My recent solution is to find hardy nude fishnets (OMG! I love fishnets. Here’s a very old post about them) but even those are hard to find and […]

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