Cursing for Ladies

Ah, swearing without really swearing. It’s loads of fun. Not only does it mean you can curse at work, in meetings and in front of small children when you’re really mad, these words are so silly, quaint and old-fashioned in some cases, they’ll just make you smile instead. Your anger might even dissipate, leaving you in a much better mood. So go ahead and curse away!

Here are the six I use almost every day as an online project manager:

  • Gosh Darn It!
  • Holy Cats!
  • Nuts to that!
  • Ef that!
  • Crumbs!
  • Wow! That really hurts a lot! (Most commonly used after running into doors, the corner of my desk, the wall .etc. I like to let everyone know exactly how I’m feeling at all times.)
I am working to integrate the following into my own repertoire:
  • Shut the front door!
  • Well Hell’s bells! (remember Huck Finn?)
I’m always looking to diversify my vocabulary so what do you use when you want to swear like a sailor but need to be a lady?

4 comments on “Cursing for Ladies

  1. Robin Snelly says:

    This works well for middle school/early high school teachers who have problems inhibiting their thoughts. Ahem. I’m a big fan of fiddlesticks, g-d-it (although that’s really risque because the kids like to point out what I’m representing), galldarnit, and others which are more spontaneous.

  2. I use “Shut the Front Door” fairly regularly. Other favorites:
    – Holy Hannah!
    – Arugula!
    – Schnikes!
    – Son of a biscuit!
    – What the flip?
    – Mothertrucker!

  3. Rachel Nelson says:

    Stealing this from Liz Lemon on 30 Rock, I like to use the phrase “Nerds!” For example, if you had a parking ticket on your car, you would response with – NERDS!

    lovely post JLJ!

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