Say “Yes” To The….Lingerie Party

Vintage Magazine Advertisement For A SlipIf you are getting married within the next year and a friend comes to you and says “Hey! I really value our friendship. Allow me to throw you a party dedicated to giving you pretty underwear,” just say “yes”. Here’s why:

  1. Nice lingerie is expensive and is, for most, a luxury. Let other people buy you expensive stuff you would never buy for yourself.
  2. There will be no other time in your life when this happens. Name another milestone when a group of people will come together to give you fancy underthings. Housewarming Lingerie Party? No. New Job* Lingerie Party? Nah. Graduation Lingerie Party? Probably not. Your baby shower? No way! I’ve been to a bunch of those and no one is giving you anything sexy or elegant and nothing is made of silk. In fact most of what I see people open, as far as foundation garments go, is “breast warmer/cooler pads” or comfortable nursing things or….swaddles or sling things that hold babies.
  3. You can set rules like “no games” or “no Frederick’s of Hollywood allowed” or “only Frederick’s of Hollywood allowed” – it’s your party.
  4. It’s fun. It’s a fun party that doesn’t have to be raunchy if you don’t want it to be. It can be a part of your bachelorette party or it could be held separately. Have drinks, share stories, try to shock your friends. Everyone wins – including the spouse-to-be.
Probably don’t invite: Your mom, your future mother-in-law, your grandma or the grandma of your soon-to-be spouse. Also never invite jerks- this is a general rule. Only fun, positive ladies that you love should be invited to your lingerie party.
*I guess if your profession is “Lady of The Night” or “Street Walker”, well then, I guess this would make sense.

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